HP AG Lift Station & Pumps

The HP agriculture lift station is a complete solution with turn key availability and no hidden costs.

The HP agriculture lift station manages water flow rate, field water table level and power consumption. The station has intuitive remote access and operational alerts that can be viewed from any web-enabled device. This lift station helps increase your yield by controlling root zone water availability and reduceing pump power consumption by using efficient irrigation methods or pump run schedules. 36" and 48" (900 to 1200 mm) pipe shall have a smooth interior and annular exterior corrugations and meet or exceed ASTM F2764 and AASHTO M330.

  • One system to manage water flow rate, field water table level and power consumption
  • Reduces on/off cycles
  • Web based system operational alerts (ex. motor overload, system overheat, voltage spike, power loss, etc.) are sent to email and cellphone
  • Simple and easy remote access via any web enabled device, such as computers, tablets and cellphone
  • Cloud based data storage allows for historical comparisons
  • Increases yield by controlling root zone water availability
  • Controls the ability to get into fields earlier to perform required field work tasks

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