Geo Cell

Confinement system for rocks and soil that offer flexibility and permeability to promote vegetation on different terrains.

ADS GeoCell and GeoCell GS panels have a three-dimensional confinement system using the strength and permeability of geotextile fabric. The panels may be used on a different terrains as the design is adaptable and configurable and can be ordered in custom sizes. The fill material type and compaction determine the hydraulic properties of the panels. Five different sizes are available.

  • Improve base reduction
  • Increase longevity
  • Provide tree root protection
  • Excellent permeability and flexibility

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Product Information

ADS Geo Cells are lightweight and composed of geotextiles instead of polypropylene to allow for water and nutritional permeability to promote vegetation. The construction of ADS Geo Cells makes it easier for the product to conform to the surface of the terrain and allows it to be more resistant to stress and tension.

Geo Cell Specifications

Geocells - Typar 350/100 350/150 250/100 250/100 220/200
Cell Depth 4 in (10.16 cm) 6 in (15.24 cm)
Panel Diameter 16.4 ft x23 ft (5 m x 7.01 m) 16.4 ft x23 ft (5 m x 7.01 m) 16.4 ft x23 ft (5 m x 7.01 m) 16.4 ft x23 ft (5 m x 7.01 m) 10 ft x 20 ft (3.05 m x 6.10 m)
Cell Diameter 14 in (10.16 cm) 14 in (10.16 cm) 10 in (25.40 cm) 10 in (25.40 cm) 8 in (20.23 cm)
Square Feet / Square Meter 377 (114.91) 377 (114.91) 377 (114.91) 377 (114.91) 200 (60.96)


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ADH1-Specifications (01-04-19)


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