Corrugated Drainage Pipes

From the U.S. introduction of corrugated plastic drainage pipe to the development of N-12 dual-wall pipe and HP Storm and sanitary sewer pipe, ADS has been an industry and water management solutions leader for more than 50 years.

ADS operates a global solutions network of manufacturing plants, distribution centers, providing product innovation and sustainability efforts in water management. You'll find billions of feet of ADS pipe are in service around the world. An internal support team of experienced engineers and our ADS Installation Guides mobile app offer support throughout each project, ensuring a quick turnaround in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Applications & Benefits

Drainage Pipe Applications

Our single-wall pipe is used in many conditions, including agricultural, residential, highway culverts and recreational applications. In 1987, ADS introduced N-12® smooth interior dual wall pipe, which today is specified nationwide in 4" through 60" diameters for municipal storm drains and highway drainage, offering exceptional hydraulics and strength. In 2008, ADS introduced N-12 HP and SaniTite HP smooth interior dual wall and triple wall pipes, in diameters 12” – 60”, manufactured exclusively from Polypropylene resin. SaniTite® HP Sanitary pipe was added to the already proven N-12 product line and has been specifically engineered for the gravity flow sanitary sewer market.

Benefits of Using ADS Corrugate Pipe

Our products perform better, are easier to install and are more cost effective than traditional materials. Inert PP and HDPE materials are resistant to the effects of chemicals, abrasion, hot soils and effluent. The distinctive ADS green stripe on our pipes ensures that you are receiving the highest quality HDPE pipe available-drainage products that meet strict quality.

Corrugated, smooth interior, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe

Smooth interior wall, corrugated exterior, superior corrosion and abrasion resistance. N-12 pipe is available in soil tight (ST), watertight (WT) and plain end, all of which offer joint options of bell and spigot design, gasket, bell wrap or pressure-rated 10.8 psi couple.

Gravity Flow Sanitary Sewer Pipe

Featuring advanced polypropylene resin technology and exclusive triple-wall design, SaniTite HP is the logical choice for gravity flow sanitary sewer pipe. SaniTite HP offers superior joint performance, chemical abrasion, impact resistance, and additional redundancies and factors of safety not received by comparable products. It is also manufactured with enhanced pipe stiffness, beam strength and joint integrity for long-lasting life.

Corrugated smooth interior polypropylene (PP) pipe

HP Storm is a high-performance polypropylene (PP) pipe for gravity-flow storm drainage applications and the perfect choice when premium joint performance and/or greater pipe stiffness is required.

Corrugated, smooth-interior, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe

ADS MEGA GREEN HDPE pipe is the ideal choice for environmentally conscious infrastructure projects. Providing watertight performance and long-term design service life, this dual wall corrugated HDPE pipe meets ASTM F2648 and provides a smooth interior (for hydraulic efficiency) and annular exterior corrugations.