Leachate Collection

ADS products are designed with performance and durability in mind. Made of materials that are built to withstand the demands of leachate applications, ADS products have proven performance in highly stressful and corrosive environments nationwide. Products in this category are suited for environments with the PH range of 1.5-14.

Irrigation Subsurface

Irrigation and drainage work hand-in-hand to ensure the right levels of moisture in a field. Subsurface irrigation and drainage systems can increase yields by 43% or more—compared to subsurface drainage alone—depending on the situation. With ADS irrigation and drainage systems, excess water can be stored, meaning that crops are less susceptible to flooding and droughts. In the irrigation process, water can be pumped back from the source, through the feeder pipe, into the perforated pipe system—to where the roots absorb moisture.

Irrigation - Ditch Enclosure

Open ditches and irrigation channels can be enclosed by pipe to create a more efficient pathway for water flow. Not only do ditch enclosures improve the safety and aesthetic value of an area, it also augments the performance of the ditch overall. By enclosing irrigation channels, it is easier to mitigate the loss of water caused by evaporation and infiltration. ADS offers N-12 Low Head Pipe to meet the increasing challenges of water transmission.

Inlet Structures

Impermeable, paved surfaces create storm water run off management challenges, and increasingly require surface inlet structures for mitigation. Strong, dependable and economical, ADS provides various drainage inlet structures to meet the specifier's needs while considering easy installation for the contractor. Constructed from engineered plastics, these drainage structures provide a superior corrosion and abrasion-resistant alternative to cumbersome concrete boxes or metal structures.


Improving the infiltration capabilities of ground surfaces can often be achieved with the use of basins and piping that temporarily hold storm water runoff until the surrounding ground is capable of taking on the storm water infiltration. ADS products specially designed to facilitate infiltration include:

HWY Edge Drains

Highways are the arteries of our nation's transportation system, and need to be subsurface drained quickly when heavy rain and precipitation events take place. Constant pounding of traffic loads on saturated subsurface undermine your pavement structure causing cracks and blowouts. Season freezing and thawing in these conditions will further exacerbate the problem. Advanced Drainage Systems offers our AdvanEDGE® pipe, a panel-shaped, geo-composite pipe specially engineered for highway edge drains where a quick drainage response is required.

Grease Trap

ADS Grease Interceptor Tanks are the superior solution for foodservice applications to capture corrosive discharges found in food waste. In addition to being ASTM F2649 certified, ADS tanks are watertight and are made of HDPE pipe to ensure longevity. ADS tanks come ready to install and are available in 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 gallon capacities.

Grain Aeration

Grain aeration keeps storage drier longer, which means less waste. The process keeps the stored grain at a cool and steady temperature. By consistently moving air through grain stores, the rate of grain deterioration caused by moisture or mold is lessened. Grain aeration also helps prevent spoilage losses as a result of insect populations. The most cost-effective grain aeration system is made with Grain-Aire® pipe.

Golf Course Drainage

Engineered drainage systems play a key role in the longevity and quality of golf courses, athletic fields, parks and other recreational areas. For decades, ADS has been providing polyethylene drainage products to specifying engineers and turf contractors. ADS has solutions for every course; our products include Nyloplast, ADS PolyFlex™, AdvanEdge®, MEGA GREEN™, N-12® and Single Wall pipe.

Geosynthetics Applications

Matching the right fabric to a specific application is paramount for the success of any project. ADS provides the widest variety of woven and non-woven geosynthetic materials in the industry to meet drainage, separation, stabilization and soil reinforcement needs.