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Lateral Connections

Advanced Drainage Systems offers water-tight, air-testable solutions for making lateral connections in all kinds of mainline pipe. The Inserta Tee® lateral connection system from ADS is a quick, easy and proven method for tapping into smooth or corrugated wall pipe while ensuring a secure connection. Additionally, each Inserta Tee connection is custom manufactured to fit the interior radius of the mainline pipe, which minimizes protrusion or interference with post-installation inspections.

Water Quality

Efficient and effective treatment of storm water that protects the quality of waterways is possible with water quality units, filters and separators from Advanced Drainage Systems. ADS products designed to mitigate and improve water quality issues are built to the quality standards ADS is known for, and they are field-proven to help solve water quality issues. Water quality products from ADS include:

Water Control Structures

Water level management is an important part of any drainage plan. ADS manufactures water control and management structures that provide effective ways to manage water levels in a variety of applications, including agricultural, where these structures can help to keep nutrients in the field instead of becoming pollution in a stream.

Sumpwell Drainage

When installed correctly, ADS Sump Liners and Lids in combination with ADS pipes offer a collection point of gravitational water under your basement floors in new or retro construction to prevent wet basements. Pipe can be installed outside or inside the basement. ADS pipe should be placed in the basement or approximately one foot from the inside wall or in a cross pattern. Lines should have a minimum grade and lead into a sump at one corner of the basement or to an outside drain.