Barracuda Stormwater Separator

Protect water quality and remove total suspended solids with the high performance, hydrodynamic Barracuda separator from ADS.

The Barracuda is market-changing, stormwater quality technology. A high-performance, vortex hydrodynamic separator, the Barracuda removes total suspended solids (TSS). Offering quick installation and multiple pipe configurations, the Barracuda provides outstanding value with these features:

  • Single manhole design
  • No elevation loss between the inlet and outlet
  • Flexible inlet/outlet positions (not just 180 degree orientation)
  • Internal bypass for inline installation (where applicable)
  • Revolutionary, patent-pending “teeth” mitigate turbulence in the sump area to prevent resuspension of captured contaminants.
  • In-stock components for quick delivery.
  • Can be provided within a 48” (1220 mm) ADS HP Manhole, factory fabricated and delivered complete to the job site.
  • Installation available in a standard, 48” (1220 mm) precast manhole.
  • Barracuda “teeth” apparatus fabricated and designed for quick and easy field assembly.
  • Easy maintenance using a vacuum truck or similar equipment.
  • Surface inspection and maintenance with no confined space entry.

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Product Information

The Barracuda™ is a high-performance, vortex hydrodynamic separator designed to remove at least 80 percent of TSS while capable of carrying 100 percent of the design peak flow in multiple configurations.

Barracuda™ Storm Water Separator

Manhole Diameter 48" (1220 mm)
80% Removal OK-110 1.08 CFS
50% TSS per NJCAT 1.25 CFS
Max Hydraulic Rate 6.25 CFS


Submittal Packages

Barracuda Submittal OK110 Data
Barracuda Submittal NJCAT data
Barracuda Sell Sheet 03-18
1.08 Oil Spill Storage Capacities for BaySeparator Barracuda WQU June18

Installation Guides

Barracuda Installation Guide
IG1.08-S6 Barracuda S6 Installation Guide 04-18

Details - Product

BaySaver Barracuda Detail HP
Barracuda S4 Precast Standard Detail
Barracuda S4 HP Standard Detail

Inspect. & Maintenance. - Technical Literature


Hydraulics - Technical Literature

1.09 Barracuda Max Hydraulic Rate and Rim-Outlet Elevations


Barracuda slides 12-11-17
11047 Ag Products Brochure, 07-17