Streets & HWY / DOT

ADS pipe used for street and highway drainage applications has three-to-five times the service life of corrugated metal pipe and is far lighter in weight and easier to install than concrete pipe. The high density polyethylene is also tough enough to handle the most abrasive runoffs, as well as the tensile stresses involved in relining existing pipes.

Our goal is to offer the most cost effective solutions to meet the project requirements. While federal highway investments have increased over the years, the recent spikes in the prices of steel, cement and other commodities have seriously decreased the purchasing power of those dollars. Requiring robust competition among alternative construction products and materials – including those in drainage – is seen by government agencies like the FHWA as one of the best ways to create efficiencies and reduce costs. With years of experience, ADS works hard to introduce cost-efficient HDPE products into the highway construction arena.