Bi-axial Grids

Geogrid with the ability to withstand stressors in two directions for the purposes of soil reinforcement and soft soil stabilization.

ADS Biaxial geogrids can take stresses in two directions and their apertures are more evenly dimensioned than their Uniaxial counterparts. They are useful in situations where stresses are applied in two directions, but don't have as much tensile strength in either direction as a uniaxial geogrid does in its direction of application. ADS Biaxial Grids have proven installation and success both domestically and globally. They are ideal for base reinforcement and subgrade improvement and provide cost efficiencies for roadway applications.

  • Withstands stressors in two directions
  • Contains and stabilizes soft soil
  • Provides cost efficiencies through reduced aggregate thickness, sub-grade material thickness and undercuts
  • Increases road service life
  • Resists corrosion and abrasion
  • Proven product with successful applications domestically and globally for over 30 years

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Product Information

Biaxial geogrids are made from a single sheet of extruded polypropylene using a punched and drawn process.

Bi-axial Grids Specifications

Product Values ADS BX114GG ADS BX114GG ADS BX124GG ADS BX124GG
Index Properties Unit MD Values XMD Values MD Values XMD Values
Aperture Dimensions mm (in) 25 (1.0) 33 (1.3) 25 (1.0) 33 (1.3)
Minimum Rib Thickeness mm (in) 0.76 (0.03) 0.76 (0.03) 1.27 (0.05) 1.27 (0.05)
Tensile Strength @ 2% Strain kN/m (lb/ft) 4.1 (280) 6.6 (450) 6.0 (410) 9.0 (620)
Tensile strength @ 5% Strain kN/m (lb/ft) 8.5 (580) 13.4 (920) 11.8 (810) 19.6 (1,340)
Ultimate Tensile Strenth kN/m (lb/ft) 12.4 (850) 19.0 (1,300) 19.2 (1,310) 28.8 (1,970)