Duraslot® Slotted Surface Trench Drain

Slotted surface trench drains for collecting heavy-duty surface runoff

Duraslot Linear Slotted Surface Trench Drains provide you a cost efficient, economical and corrosion-resistant method for intercepting sheet flow, storm water and surface runoff on infrastructure, commercial, residential and sports fields. Duraslot pipe helps solve your horizontal drainage needs by intercepting sheet flows across paved or cleared areas, or as it collects in low spots. It is a cost-effective substitute for corrugated steel-slotted drains, precast trench drains or cast-in-place trench drains.

  • Linear surface drainage in high surface flow areas
  • Very efficient sheet flow interception in high surface flow areas
  • 4" - 36" (10.16cm - 91.44cm) HDPE pipe with neutral and variable sloped features
  • Corrosion resistance of polyethylene pipe channel
  • Corrosive resistance of aluminum slotted riser

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Product Information

Duraslot is made from dual-wall corrugated polyethylene pipe with an aluminum slot mounted on top of 4" - 36" (10.16cm - 91.44cm) N-12 pipe. Typical applications include roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, plazas, loading docks, industrial floors, parks and athletic fields.

*Taller slots are available on special order


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DURASLOT_Assembly_(Detail) DURASLOT_ASSEMBLY Complete DURASLOT_4in_2.5in Slot_(Detail_PI-1v4) DURASLOT_4in_Adapter_(Detail_AD-1) DURASLOT_4in_Coupler_(Detail-BD-1) DURASLOT_6in_2.5in Slot_(Detail_PI-2 v4.) DURASLOT_6in_6in Slot_(Detail_PI--3 v4) DURASLOT_6in_8in_Adapter_(Detail) DURASLOT_6in_8in_Endcap_(Detail_EC-2) DURASLOT_6in_Coupler_(Detail) DURASLOT_6in_x_6in_Slot_Dimension_(Detail_PI-3) DURASLOT_8in_2.5in Slot_(Detail_PI-4 v4) DURASLOT_8in_6in Slot_(Detail_PI-5 v4) DURASLOT_12in_2.5in Slot_(Detail_PI-6 v4) DURASLOT_12in_6in Slot_(Detail)PI-7 v4) DURASLOT_12in_6in Slot_(Detail_PI-8 v4) DURASLOT_12in_15in_18in_24in_Endcap_(Detail_EC-3) DURASLOT_12in_15in_18in_24in_Snap_Adapter_(Detail_AD-3) DURASLOT_12in_x_2.5in_Slot_Dimensions_(Detail_PI-6) DURASLOT_12in_x_6in_Slot_Dimensions_(Detail_PI-7) DURASLOT_15_18_24_30_Pipe_Riser_Dimension_(Detail) DURASLOT_15_Pipe_6_Riser_(Detail_PI-8) DURASLOT_18_Pipe_6_Riser_(Detail_PI-9) DURASLOT_18n_6in Slot_(Detail_PI-9 v4) DURASLOT_24_Pipe_6_Riser_(Detail_PI-10) DURASLOT_24n_6in Slot_(Detail_PI-10 v4) DURASLOT_30in_6in Slot_(Detail_PI-11 v4) DURASLOT_36in_6in Slot_(Detail_PI-12 v4) DURASLOT_Adapter_4in_(AD-3) DURASLOT_Adapter_6in_to_10in_ (AD-3) DURASLOT_Adapter_12in_to_24in_ (AD-3) DURASLOT_Adapter_30in_36in_ (AD-4) DURASLOT_Assembly 4 to 24in Open 2.5in Slot DURASLOT_Assembly 6 to 24 in Open 2.5 Slot Ht DURASLOT_Assembly 6 to 24in Open 6in Slot DURASLOT_Assembly 12 to 24 in DURASLOT_Assembly 30 to 36in Open DURASLOT_Assembly 30 to 36in DURASLOT_Assembly Open Top DURASLOT_Assembly_4in DURASLOT_Assembly_6 to 10 in DURASLOT_Trackslot_Drain Inside of Track_Detail DURASLOT_Trackslot_Drain Inside of Track_Detail_Rebar

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