Single Wall Channel Muck Pipe

A Single Wall Pipe Ideal for Soils Containing Peat or Muck

ADS Single Wall Muck Pipe is the ideal drainage pipe solution for boggy soil conditions. Designed for soils containing peat or muck, the single wall pipe is extruded with larger holes or oblong perforations located in three rows. Additionally, the pipe is encased in a sock to prevent infiltration of the surrounding soils. ADS Single Wall Muck Pipe is available in a 4-inch (100 mm) diameter.

  • Larger perforations that have less chance of clogging
  • Enclosed in sock material that helps prevents soil infiltration into the pipe
  • Ideal for soils with heavy peat and muck

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Product Information

Uniquely designed pipe for difficult soil conditions.
Diameters Available 4 inch (100 mm)
Specification ASTM F667