NEWLINER (Slipline) Pipe

Ideal for sliplining existing pipelines/culverts to re-establish structural integrity and hydraulic efficiency.

NEWLINER is a high-density polyethyline (HDPE), closed profile, spiral-wound pipe and the preferred product for sliplining due to its resistance in contentious environments. NEWLINER is explicitly designed for in-place sliplining of underground culverts or existing pipelines. In lieu of total replacement, sliplining with NEWLINER can provide an economical approach to significantly extend the service life of a deteriorating structure. Sliplining also cuts costs by eliminating the need to stop traffic, dig/repair roads and buy or rent specialized equipment

The smooth inner wall of the NEWLINER increases hydraulics efficiency. The HDPE is corrosion and abrasion resistant, handling a pH range from 1.25 to 14. NEWLINER is available in 16.4' (5 m) segments, and its unique threaded joint allows it be pushed or pulled into existing structures at longer lengths when compared to pipe with bell and spigot joints

  • Ease and method of installation provides cost savings
  • Variety of diameters suitable for any project
  • Lightweight material allows for easy lifting
  • Unique integrated joining system maintains durable joints
  • Chemically resistant to acids, bases and salts and withstands aggressive soils
  • Capacity to increase hydraulic efficiency in nearly all relining applications

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Product Information

NEWLINER is a spiral wound HDPE pipe used for underground culvert rehabilitation and in-place sliplining. NEWLINER conforms to the minimum cell classification 335464C for 12" - 72" (300 mm - 1,830 mm) diameters as defined in ASTM D3350. Installation shall be in accordance with ASTM D2321 and ADS recommended guidelines.

NEWLINER Pipe Specifications

Diameter's Available 12" - 72" (300mm - 1,830mm)
Length's Available 16.4' (5m)
Joint Performance Soil Tight Threaded Joint
Specification's & Standard's Manning's "n" value of 0.012, meets ASTM F894 and tested in accordance with ASTM D2412


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