Single Wall Pipe (A)

ADS offers 4" - 24" single wall as solid, slotted and perforated pipes for your agriculture field main, lateral drainage and terrace applications.

Since 1967, ADS continues to offer solid, slotted and perforated HDPE single wall pipe for all your agriculture drainage and sub-irrigation water management needs. In pipe lengths range from small coils, large coils to sticks. ADS offers you one of the largest variety of coupler options that meet your soil tight to water tight needs. HDPE resins were selected to give you the corrosive and abrasive resistance for long term life.

  • Flexible, Light-Weight, Easy to Use
  • Great Return on Your Investment
  • Increased Crop Production/Yields
  • Decrease Nitrates in Drinking Water
  • Greater Control Over Your Crop Management
  • More Efficient Fertilizer and Crop Protective Products
  • Subsurface Irrigation and Drainage—At Your Control

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Product Information

ADS Single Wall pipe give you a proven history of performance in your drainage water management and nutrient control. When teamed up with our N-12 Dual Wall pipe, these pipes answer all your gravity flow conveyance pipe needs.

Heavy Duty HDPE Single Wall Pipe

Diameters Available 3"–24" (7.62cm - 60.96cm)
Lengths Available (See Product Catalog)
Joint Performance Soil–tight
Joining System Cleated bell, split, internal and snap couplers
Specifications AASHTO M 252, AASHTO M 294, ASTM F 405, ASTM F 606