LandMax® Stormwater Management System

Stringent regulations and increased land values make stormwater management a high priority.

Today's land developers are being forced to find new ways to manage stormwater runoff, largely because of increasingly stringent regulations and escalating land values. The LandMax stormwater management system provides the ideal solution for durable, efficient, and effective subsurface stormwater detention, infiltration and re-use.

  • For maximum design flexibility, LandMax utilizes 12" - 60" (304.8 cm - 1524 cm) diameter HDPE and PP pipe that offer complete compatibility - including N-12, MEGA-GREEN, SaniTite HP & HP Storm & complemented by a wide selection of fittings, joints, couplers and adapters.
  • Providing high strength without excessive weight, LandMax components allow easy handling and fast assembly. The end result is an efficient construction schedule.
  • Installed below grade, LandMax subsurface stormwater management systems increase the usable land available, providing space for parking lots, playgrounds and other facilities to be built on top.
  • LandMax systems decrease the safety risks and added costs associated with open ponds.
  • LandMax is one of the most durable subsurface stormwater systems and provides a minimum 75-year service life.

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The purpose of a subsurface stormwater management system is to capture and/or re-use stormwater runoff for a designated area. A stormwater detention system slows and temporarily holds stormwater runoff so that it can be released into the environment at a controlled rate. A stormwater infiltration system, on the other hand, allows stormwater to percolate into the ground. The net effect is an exfiltration of stormwater into the adjacent native soil. An effective means of stormwater management can be detention, infiltration and re-use or a combination of all.


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