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Nyloplast Drainage Structures

Nyloplast Engineered Surface Drainage Products represent a true innovation in storm water piping. Their combination of performance–proven ductile iron grates with a rugged, heavy–duty PVC structure makes them unique in the surface drainage field. The complete product line includes inline drains, drain basins, curb inlet structures, road and highway structures and drop in grates which can be used for any plastic underground storm drain pipe systems.

Easy, Economical Installation
Because all Nyloplast engineered surface drainage products are customized to your specifications, you get a product that fits your particular application and arrives on the job site ready to install. All you do is hook it up and backfill. So labor requirements are minimal. With installation this quick, safe and simple, the cost savings are apparent and immediate.

No field fabrication or other work on the job site is required. That means no grouting, no brick and mortar. Lightweight construction even eliminates the need for heavy equipment. And when you look at the total cost of material, labor, and equipment, the savings are truly huge.

Heavy–Duty Construction
Nyloplast storm drainage products assure you the long–term economy of a heavy–duty drainage structure by combining two materials with proven reputations in the underground utilities and drainage industries. Our ductile iron grates can handle extreme traffic loads when properly installed.

Another advantage of PVC bodies is the fact that they are immune to virtually all types of internal and external corrosion or other deterioration mechanisms that can attack underground structures.

A Watertight System
Our products feature inlet and outlet adapters to meet a wide variety of joint tightness requirements that apply to the drainage pipe in your application. This virtually eliminates costly leakage problems that can be very common in structures made from other materials.

In addition, easy–to–install gasketed push–on joints provide a watertight seal to protect your drainage system from settlement, vibration and earth movement, and compensate for pipe length expansion and contraction.

PVC Pipe, Withstands very high trafficH–20 Rated
The combination of performance proven ductile iron grates with a rugged PVC structure performs very well under H-20 traffic load conditions when properly installed.
Hinged Grate, 12in and 15in grates

Hinged Grate
Nyloplast 12" and 15" hinged grates feature a unique design that allows for easy access to and clean–out of drain basins and inline drains.