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Grain-Aire® Pipe

Grain-Aire maximizes cost-effectiveness and airflow by utilizing corrugated polyethylene pipe with specially-designed perforations. Grain-Aire has proven its effectiveness in more than 1,000 flat storage facilities throughout the United States.

Grain-Aire pipe costs less than other aeration materials and, because of its light weight and flexibility, is easier and less expensive to install.

Grain-Aire is manufactured from high density polyethylene, which won't rust or corrode. At the same time, it's strong and tough/enough to withstand the heaviest grain loads.

ADS aeration pipe is designed to provide optimum aeration at an affordable price. It's as cost effective for on-farm storage as it is for large commercial operations.

ADS provides the perfect storage solution with a product specifically designed to maximize uniform airflow in flat storage facilities.

The Grain-Aire protective screen maximizes airflow.

This durable material features 30 percent open area to allow for unrestricted airflow. This woven polypropylene screen prevents restriction of the perforations and maximizes airflow by providing 360 aeration.