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GEO-flow® Corrugated HDPE Pipe

This product utilizes a unique configuration combining 10" single wall corrugated pipe, an envelope of geotextile net and a septic envelope. The net and septic blanket enhance the distribution and biological reduction of wastewater before it leaves the gravel less pipe system. This product's narrow design and corrugated profile offer a narrow trench treatment for your contour areas.

How Does GEO-Flow Pipe System Work?

Wastewater enters one of the system and percolates through 8 rows of holes into the exterior valley. The combination of net, septic envelope and perforations, enhances the distribution and biological reduction of wastewater throughout the entire circumference of the system. The GEO-Flow pipe's pretreatment capability supports the high reduction rates state health departments give the GEO-FLow pipe.

How Does GEO-Flow Corrugated HDPE Pipe System Work?