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Pipe - Technical Notes

  • 2.04A Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for Alternate HP Storm Pipe Trench (PDFPDF

Product Submittal Packages - SaniTite HP

  • SaniTite HP Sanitary Pipe 12" - 60" (PDFPDF

ADS Product Brochures

  • N-12® WT IB Pipe (per AASHTO) (PDFPDF
  • N-12® WT IB (per ASTM F2648) (PDFPDF

Agriculture Brochures

  • Potato Aeration Systems Brochure (PDFPDF

Standard Details - Onsite Standard Details – Septic Stack

  • STD-918 Septic Stack Trench Installation (PDFPDF
  • STD-919 Septic Stack Trench Installation Plan View (PDFPDF
  • STD-920 Septic Stack Bed Installation (PDFPDF
  • STD-921 Septic Stack Bed Installation Plan View (PDFPDF
  • STD-922 Septic Stack Trench Serial Installation (PDFPDF
  • STD-923 Septic Stack Trench Serial Installation Plan View (PDFPDF