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Storm drain pipe systems are designed to provide hydraulic capacity based on pipe size and slope. The alignment or line of the pipe is the horizontal location of the pipe while the grade is the vertical slope of the pipe. In order for a storm drain system to function as designed, it is important to install the pipe to the proper line and grade.

Generally, special practices are not required to maintain line and grade, however, certain installation techniques can greatly increase the system performance and rate of installation. Alignment is established by a field survey. Once the trench is excavated on line, the pipe bedding should be placed to proper thickness. The top of the bedding should be adjusted to allow for the difference between the plan invert (flowline) and pipe profile wall thickness.

To determine the dimension to be subtracted from the pipe inverts indicated on the plans when checking bedding elevations; measure the distance from the interior side of the liner to the crown of the corrugation.
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