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Infiltrations & Exfiltration
Air Testing
Deflection Testing
Test Yourself
For systems designed for watertight applications without specifying any ASTM specification for testing, an infiltration/exfiltration test is a simple and easy method of insuring proper joint performance. For an infiltration/exfiltration test, a run of piping is tested by filling the system with water from structure to structure (manhole or inlets), allowing the system to stabilize for 24 hours measuring the water level and then measuring the water level again after a period of time. The drop in water level can then be converted to gallons leakage/ inch pipe diameter/ mile length of pipe /day and compared to the permissible level established for the project. In the absence of a specified level, 200-gal/ in. dia./ mi./ day is commonly considered watertight for storm sewer applications. An acceptable ASTM specification for testing infiltration/exfiltration is ASTM F2487.
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