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Tap connections may be accomplished using a fabricated reducing fitting, saddle tee, "Insert-A-Tee", or UNI-T. Fabricated reducing fittings are installed using normal installation procedures for the joints specified.

Saddle tees are split couplers with a Dual Wall stub welded onto the center of the coupler. A half circle approximately 1" larger than the nominal stub diameter should be cut into each pipe end of the main line. The pipes should be aligned with the saddle tee wrapped around the pipe and secured with nylon ties.
"Insert-A-Tee" connections may be made at locations along the length of the pipe. Installation of an "Insert-A-Tee" should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. In general, the installation involves marking the location of the tap. A hole is cored using a core drill sized for the "Insert-A-Tee". A neoprene boot and PVC stub are inserted in the hole and a gasketed Dual Wall pipe is inserted.
UNI-T is similair to "Insert-A-Tee" in that it is a tap connection that can be placed along the length of the pipe. Installation of the UNI-T should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In general once a hole is cored the UNI-T is inserted and held in place by removing the appropriate number of rings or shims.
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