Drainage Handbook

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 Section 1 – Specifications
  • N-12® ST IB Per ASTM F2648 Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12® WT IB Per ASTM F2648 Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12® ST IB Per AASHTO Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12® WT IB Per AASHTO Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS HPXR 75 30”–60” (750-1500 mm) PIPE SPECIFICATION (MS Word MS Word)
  • MEGA GREEN™ ST IB Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • MEGA GREEN™ WT IB Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12® WT Series 35 Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12® Plain End Per ASTM F2648 Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12 Plain End Per AASHTO Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • MEGA GREEN™ Plain End Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Retention / Detention System Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS HP Storm 12-in – 60-in Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS SaniTite® HP 12-in – 60-in Sanitary Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12® Low Head Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • SaniTite® Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Single Wall Heavy Duty Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Single Wall Highway Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Grain-Aire® Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • AdvanEDGE® Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • SB2® Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS 3000 TripleWall Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Smoothwall Sewer & Drain Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Channel Flow® Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Channel Muck Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Duraslot® Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Post Tensioning Duct Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Turf Flow Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Injection Molded Fittings Specification (PDF PDF)
  • MAR MAC® Polyseal Repair Coupler Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS PVC Coupling Specification (PDF PDF)
  • WaterStop™ Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Flared End Section Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Mitered End Section Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Taylor End Plug Product Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Storm Water Quality Unit Product Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Grease Interceptor Product Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Biodiffuser™ Septic Leaching Chamber Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ARC™ Septic Leaching Chamber Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Standard Alternator Valve Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Sump Pump Well Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Radon Vented Sump Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Sewage Ejector Sump Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Meter Pit Specification (PDF PDF)
  • Filter Sock Specification (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Utility Water Service Pipe (IPS) Specifications (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Potable Water Service Pipe (IPS) Specifications (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Potable Water Service Tubing (CTS) Pipe Specifications (PDF PDF)
  • ADS Water Service Pipe Material Properties (PDF PDF)
 Section 2 – Structures
  • Drainage Handbook – Structures (PDF PDF)
 Section 3 – Hydraulics
  • Drainage Handbook – Hydraulics (PDF PDF)
 Section 4 – Durability
  • Drainage Handbook – Durability (PDF PDF)
 Section 5 – Installation
  • Drainage Handbook – Installation (PDF PDF)
 Section 6 – Retention / Detention
  • Drainage Handbook – Retention / Detention (PDF PDF)
 Section 7 – Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Drainage Handbook – Sanitary Sewer Systems (PDF PDF)
 Section 8 – Technical Notes

 General Specifications
  • 1.01 Dual Wall HDPE Perforation Patterns (PDF PDF)
  • 1.02 Single Wall HDPE Perforation Patterns (PDF PDF)
  • 1.03 Storm Water Quality Unit – EPA Phase II, Best Management Practices (PDF PDF)
  • 1.04 Testing of Storm Water Quality Units (PDF PDF)
  • 1.05 Pipe Joints & Gaskets (PDF PDF)
  • 1.07 - MH Adapter Guide - SaniTiteR HP and HP Storm Pipe (PDF PDF)

  • 2.01 Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for Corrugated HDPE Pipe (per AASHTO) (PDF PDF)
  • 2.02 Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for Corrugated HDPE Pipe (per ASTM F2648) (PDF PDF)
  • 2.03 Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for Single Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 2.04 Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for HP Storm Pipe for Storm Drainage (PDF PDF)
  • 2.04A Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for Alternate HP Storm Pipe Trench (PDF PDF)
  • 2.05 Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for SaniTite® HP Pipe for Sanitary Sewer (PDF PDF)
  • 2.09 Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for HPXR 75 (PDF PDF)

  • 3.02 AdvanEDGE Hydraulic Performance (PDF PDF)

  • 4.01 Chemical Resistance of Polyethylene and Elastomers (PDF PDF)
  • 4.02 Chemical Resistance of Polypropylene and Elastomers (PDF PDF)
  • 4.03 Abrasion Resistance of Polypropylene (PDF PDF)

  • 5.01 Recommended Use for Trench Boxes (PDF PDF)
  • 5.02 Flowable Fill Backfill for Thermoplastic Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 5.03 HDPE Pipe Repair Options (PDF PDF)
  • 5.04 HDPE and HP Storm Connections to Manholes and Structures (PDF PDF)
  • 5.05 Pipe Flotation (PDF PDF)
  • 5.06 Culvert Slipining with HDPE Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 5.07 Post-Installation Testing for HDPE Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 5.08 Laser Profiling of Flexible Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 5.09 Utility Crossings (PDF PDF)
  • 5.10 Integral Bell Transition for HDPE (PDF PDF)
  • 5.11 Sliplining Extended Lengths with HDPE Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 5.12 ADS HP Storm Drainage Pipe Repair Options (PDF PDF)
  • 5.13 SaniTite® HP Sanitary Sewer Pipe Repair Options (PDF PDF)
  • 5.14 Culvert Sliplining with HP Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 5.15 Integral Bell Transition for HP Pipe Products (PDF PDF)
  • 5.16 Methods for Sealing Vent Tubes (PDF PDF)
  • 5.17 Post Installation Testing of SaniTite® HP (PDF PDF)
  • 5.18 Lining of Casings with SaniTite® HP Pipe (PDF PDF)
  • 5.20 Post Installation Testing of HP Storm (PDF PDF)

 Retention / Detention
  • 6.01 Retention / Detention System Maintenance (PDF PDF)

  • 7.01 Rainwater Harvesting with HDPE Pipe (PDF PDF)
 Section 9 – References
  • Drainage Handbook – References (PDF PDF)