N-12 ST IB (soil-tight)

Select a document from the list below:

  • N-12 ST IB per AASHTO Pipe Sell Sheet (PDF PDF)
  • N-12 ST IB per ASTM F2648 Pipe Sell Sheet (PDF PDF)
  • N-12 ST IB Per ASTM F2648 Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • N-12 ST IB Per AASHTO Pipe Specification (PDF PDF)
  • 1.01 Dual Wall HDPE Perforation Patterns (PDF PDF)
  • 2.01 Minimum and Maximum Cover Heights for Corrugated HDPE Pipe (per AASHTO) (PDF PDF)
  • Small Diameter N-12 Pipe and Fittings (PDF PDF)