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Advanced Drainage Systems Now an Industry Leader. The Columbus Dispatch
In the world of drainage-pipe manufacturing — a world that is more complex and contentious than you probably expect — a Hilliard company has grown from a plucky startup to a national leader.

Municipal Sewer and Water – March 2015 Pg. 20 - A Better Replacement

DRAINAGE: Pay for it now so it Pays you in the Future

ADS ARC36 chambers utilized on Waterfront Lot on the Puget Sound

Everything About Water E-magazine - "Adding Sanitary Sewer Capacity Quickly and Cost Effectively"

Agricultural and Engineering Group Presents ADS Achievement Award to Dr. Indrajett Chaubey

Innovative approach utilizing ADS pipe to solve flooding problem on adverse graded paved roadway in Central Florida.

"Green & Clean – ADS aids Florida LID storm water project" Page 26-27

ADS Plastic pipe provides critical water management system, protects Florida ecosystem

ADS Opens New Silicon Valley Distribution Yard
The Silicon Valley facility is the third ADS location in Northern California, joining a supply yard in Benicia and a manufacturing plant in Madera, increasing the local supply of the company's products used in storm water and sanitary sewer management projects.

Industrial Sites Go Green to Manage Stormwater - ADS pipe installed in Port of Tacoma's Bioretention system.

FAA Approves Polypropylene Pipe for Civilian Airport Water Collection and Disposal
This updated standard follows the recent approval of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for under pavement use in all airport areas including deicing pads, runways and taxiways.

UK Reducing Flood Risk with ADS StormTech Chambers

NRCS Water Management for Greenhouses

Pipe Performance Confirmed in City Project
The city wanted to upgrade some roads and its storm water system using polypropylene pipe at the same time the MCES was putting in the new sewer lines that included installation of a sanitary sewer interceptor pipeline.

John Kurdziel Receives Prestigious ASTM Award

Farm Reservoir Keeps Nutrients Away from Lake.
Pilot project reduces growth of algae blooms.

Industrial Water World – Going Underground.
Filtration Structure Key Component of Large Hotel Stormwater Management System

Do-it-yourself tile drainage
Tile drainage has become increasingly popular in Manitoba. With only a few installers to go around and costs anywhere from $800 to $1,000 per acre, some adventurous farmers are opting to give it a go themselves.

Florida DOT Approves Use Of Polypropylene Pipe
ADS HP Polypropylene Pipe Meets Specification for 100-Year Design Life in Side Drain, Cross Drain and Storm Sewer Applications.

ADS Adds North Dakota Stocking Distribution Yard
Advanced Drainage Systems announced the opening of a new distribution yard in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Maine Moves Ahead On CSO Projects by utilizing ADS’ SaniTite HP pipe

Paying the Piper
When we talk about the pipes used in onsite systems, we like to break the discussion into three parts because the function of the piping determines the pipe needs, including size, the schedule and installation requirements.

New pipe system separates stormwater from sanitary sewer system to relieve stress on treatment plant.
Lewiston, Maine's combined sewer overflow (CSO) separation initiative has continued with the successful completion of the Oak Street - Phase III segment.

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