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Hilliard , OH – October 1, 2007: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation increased the allowable average daily traffic (ADT) limit to 7,000 from 4,500 vehicles per day (VPD) for the use of polyethylene pipe in diameters up to 36 inches for culverts and storm sewers. This move, according to Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS), benefits not only the DOT but also taxpayers as polyethylene pipe has a long use life and is less expensive to purchase and install than traditionally used reinforced concrete and corrugated steel pipe.

"The change in Wisconsin's Facilities Development Manual, Chapter 13, Section 1, Subject 15, follows the tr by other state departments of transportation to change regulations in order to expand the permitted use of high density polyethylene pipe," stated Roger L. Baldwin, P.E., ADS regional engineer for the area.

"The progression of events in Wisconsin shows an interest and an increasing level of confidence in the use and performance of HDPE pipe," Baldwin said. "For example, ADS N-12 ® pipe is qualified by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Since it meets the requirements for Type S pipe under AASHTO M 252 and M 294, it can be specified for culverts, cross drains, storm sewers and other types of new and rehab projects. With the change in specification, contractors in Wisconsin will now be able to take greater advantage of ADS N-12 corrugated pipe up to 36 inches."

According to Baldwin, in 1991 HDPE pipe was initially approved by the Wisconsin DOT for use under low volume roads – fewer than 1500 ADT, with several trial installations that were closely monitored and studied to certify the pipe. "The good performance of the McFarland project formed a partial basis for raising the allowable ADT to 4500 VPD in 1995," Baldwin explained. "Another test installation of HDPE pipe in Polk County in 2000 further demonstrated and confirmed the performance of the pipe."

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