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Hilliard, Ohio: Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) has added an innovative new product to its BioDiffuser line of plastic leaching chambers to meet the needs of septic leach field installers. Leaching chambers are successfully replacing gravel and pipe in septic leach field applications because they offer lower installed cost and less intrusive installations. 

The new ARC 36 chamber leverages ADS' 39 years of experience designing state-of-the-art engineered structures. It combines maximized infiltrative surface area and storage capacity with an improved structural design. This unique combination allows for increased ease of installation and simplified contouring capabilities while increasing effluent dispersal performance and structural integrity. It provides an effective solution for both new onsite wastewater system installations and existing septic system repairs.

"Our new BioDiffuser ARC 36 chamber is engineered for optimal performance," says Bob Klein, Vice President of Customer Relations at ADS. "In addition to its injection molded, lightweight, sturdy design, the chamber also offers a 20-degree integral articulating joint that is ideal for either straight or contoured septic leach field applications."

The chamber has a true corrugated design that eliminates flat surfaces, and provides increased load bearing capability in the trench. The design also incorporates a modified post and dome engagement mechanism that adds strength at the critical joint connections.

The new ARC 36 offers a wide range of features to maximize jobsite flexibility and ease of installation. These include an integral articulating joint, a universal inlet/outlet cap, inspection vent ports on every unit with easy-to-remove knockouts, and a convenient five-foot length. Lightweight and easy to handle, the ARC 36 can be quickly installed by one person into 3-foot wide trench or bed applications, and it can be easily transported in a pick-up truck to the jobsite.

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Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS), is the world's largest producer of HDPE corrugated plastic pipe. Founded in 1966, it serves the storm water drainage industry through a global network of over 40 domestic and international manufacturing plants and over 30 distribution centers. In addition to its flagship N-12 pipe, the company offers a complete line of fittings and other accessories including StormTech storm water chambers, Nyloplast drainage structures and various geotextiles through its relationship with SI Geosolutions, and Naue GmbH.
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