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ADS N-12® Pipe: A New New Jersey Specification

High Density Polyethylene Pipe, as manufactured by ADS, is now included in the latest edition of Residential Site Improvement Standards of the New Jersey Administrative Code (Title 5, Chapter 21). These improvement standards have been found both "sound and cost-effective" and offer the "widest range of design freedom."

The pipe is specified for storm water management (Subchapter 7), in storm drains, detention pond outlets and underground detention and retention systems. Specification of the smooth-interior (AASHTO M294) HDPE pipe is based on its properties and performance in a cost-effective pipe product. Unlike metal pipe which is restricted in acidic water areas, HDPE offers superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion. New Jersey's specification puts no restriction on N-12 pipe from Advanced Drainage Systems.

Ships more efficiently. Handles easier. Lays faster. Gets you in the ground sooner at a lower cost per installed foot than concrete.

ADS N-12 pipe is the sensible alternative to RCP. N-12 pipe features standard 20-foot lengths and a choice of easy joining systems, soiltight or watertight. In diameters of 4 - 48 inches – including built-in and integral bell joints – ADS N-12 pipe is now the most cost-efficient pipe for New Jersey storm water systems.

N-12 HC® Pipe

  • 42 & 48-Inch Diameters
  • Type S AASHTO – Smooth Inside & Out
  • Integral Bell-and-Spigot Jointing

ADS N-12® ProLink ULTRA Pipe
The gasketed bell joint covers two corrugations for a secure fit .
In 12 - 36 inch diameters, ADS ProLink Ultra features built-in bell jointing. The joint meets watertight specifications of concrete (ASTM C924, C969 and C1103). No bell-hole is needed during installation.

ADS – World's largest manufacturer of corrugated polyethylene pipe
Advanced Drainage Systems pioneered the revolution to HDPE pipe in the 1960s. Today, we operate the industry's largest manufacturing, sales and distribution network.

Continual innovation and constant performance are making ADS pipe the preferred choice.

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