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Eastern Michigan Location Will Add Supply to Region's Ag and Commercial Demand

The new ADS plant in Clifford, Michigan will make HDPE pipe for the region's agricultural and commercial markets. Since 1966 ADS has been provided the agricultural industry with water drainage products that increase crop yields.
HILLIARD, Ohio - January 24, 2012 – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) announced today that it will open a new manufacturing plant in Clifford, Michigan to meet the growing demand for the company's corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The plant is expected to be in operation during the second calendar quarter of 2012. This will be ADS' second pipe production facility in Michigan, complementing the existing plant located in Owosso.

“The new Clifford facility is strategically located to help serve the growing customer base in the “thumb” of Michigan, as well as southwestern Ontario”, stated Joe Chlapaty, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Drainage Systems.

In August 2011, Chlapaty announced a $10 million program directed at improving and expanding ADS manufacturing capacity and delivery ability in the entire mid-west region. "This new Michigan plant is an extension of that program," he stated. "And we will continue to increase and accelerate our efforts to keep ahead of the demand which we have seen grow during the past few years." During 2011 ADS opened new plants in Hampton, Iowa and in Buxton, North Dakota.

A proper drainage system using HDPE pipe is one of the key factors that affect crop growth. "In Michigan during the spring of 2011, there was so much rain that planting had to be delayed, and many crops that were planted were either washed away, slow to sprout or were damaged," offered Kevin Rapp, Agricultural Market Manager for ADS and also the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition (ADMC), a resource of technologies for use in drainage water management systems.

"A saturated field not only kills crops, but it doesn’t allow farmers to plant and harvest their crops on a timely basis,” Rapp continued. "Tractors get stuck, and the wet soil is so compressed by the weight of the equipment, it's almost impossible to plant. A flooded field also floats away the nitrogen, so crop quality is poor. A drainage system is a must for success, just like the proper amount of water, sunshine, fertilizer and the farmer's skill."

When the company started in 1966 one of the first uses for ADS corrugated pipe was in agricultural field drainage systems. The company's products are now a major component of sports stadiums, highways, building complexes, airports and the infrastructure of cities and towns throughout the United States and the world.

For additional information call ADS at (800) 821-6710, go to or contact any local ADS office.

About Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., (ADS) is the world’s largest producer of corrugated HDPE pipe. Founded in 1966, it serves the storm and waste water industry through a global network of 54 domestic and international manufacturing plants and 24 distribution centers. In addition to its flagship N-12® pipe, and HP Sanitary and Storm pipe, the company offers a complete line of fittings and other accessories including StormTech® storm water chambers, Nyloplast® drainage structures, INSERTA TEE®, storm water treatment units and various geotextiles. To learn more about ADS, visit

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