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ADS Opens 21st Manufacturing Plant

Increasing Use of PE Pipe in Storm Sewer Market Fuels Growth

BESSEMER CITY, N.C. – Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) has begun construction here of its 21st manufacturing facility to meet the mid-Atlantic region's growing demand for corrugated polyethylene (PE) drainage pipe.

The Bessemer City facility will produce 4- to 48-inch diameter pipe. When operational next summer, the plant will employ up to 100 people. This 50,000 square-foot plant will enable ADS to maintain its leadership position in the storm sewer marketplace.

Founded in 1966, ADS is the country's largest PE pipe and fittings manufacturer. In Oct. 1997, ADS opened a similar plant in Jackson, Miss.

"Polyethylene pipe is rapidly replacing traditional materials such as reinforced concrete and corrugated steel pipe," said Joe Chlapaty, president and chief operating officer of Columbus, Ohio-based ADS. "The Bessemer City plant, our second new production facility in two years, confirms the engineering community's confidence in our products."

"North Carolina continues to be a welcoming state for us," said Tony Radoszewski, director of marketing for ADS. "We've worked very closely with state DOT officials over the years to develop and provide state-of-the-art storm sewer pipe to meet the region's growing demand."

Polyethylene pipe offers many benefits to the user, compared with concrete or steel pipe. "Unlike traditional pipe materials, polyethylene will not rust or corrode when exposed to alkaline or acidic effluents and soils," explained Tom King, ADS' vice president of engineering.

"PE pipe is easy to install, light weight and comes in 20-foot sections. These features speed up installation," he said.

"Quick installation reduces project cost," added Chlapaty. "And project cost savings benefit the municipality, taxpayers and consumers alike."

Applications for ADS pipe include highway drains; residential and commercial drains; turf and agriculture drains; mining; landfills; and on-site septic and sanitary sewers.

For more information, contact Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. 4640 Trueman Boulevard, Hillard, OH 43206. Tel.: 1-800-821-6710.