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New Precast Products Group Created
Underground Structures Specifically for Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia Projects

GREENCASTLE, PA May 2, 2011 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) is pleased to introduce Advanced Drainage Structures, which is already providing a complete line of custom and stock sanitary and storm water structures for infrastructure projects. Advanced Drainage Structures is located in Greencastle, PA at the former site of Frederick Precast Concrete, Inc.

Advanced Drainage Structures designs and produces concrete box culverts, precast manholes and structures for both storm and sanitary products, plus headwalls, endwalls and custom concrete products for any specific project.

"Our goal is to offer concrete and Nyloplast structures, HDPE pipe, HP pipe, StormTech, Water Quality Units, Geotextiles, INSERTA TEE and many other products for drainage and sanitary sewer needs making ADS the natural choice for any project," stated Jeff Colvin, General Manager, Concrete Products. "This close partnership enables us to deliver a quality product to the job site that fits properly regardless of the complexity or demands of the project."

For additional information call Advanced Drainage Structures at (888) 548-8755.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Tori Durliat
Director of Marketing
401 Olive Street, Findlay, Ohio 45840
Phone: 419-424-8275
Fax: 419-424-8302