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Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Acquires Nyloplast, USA Drain Basin Division

Columbus, Ohio -- As a part of an ongoing commitment to growth in the storm sewer market, effective March 26, 2001, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS), has acquired the Inline Drain & Drain Basin Division of Nyloplast, USA, manufacturers of PVC Surface Drain Products.

The relationship between ADS and Nyloplast started in 1991 when Nyloplast began providing ADS with a line of PVC fittings. In 1994, ADS and Nyloplast introduced engineered PVC surface drain products and drain basins to the golf market. Since then, the relationship and product line has grown to include structures now accepted in virtually all drainage markets served by ADS, including storm sewer and highway drainage.

Nyloplast's inline drains and drain basins represent a true innovation in the storm water management industry replacing conventional concrete structures. The combination of performance- proven cast- and ductile-iron grates with a heavy-duty PVC structure offers the market H-20 load- carrying capability in a lightweight, watertight construction.

Today, Nyloplast inline drains and drain basin products are available for 4" - 30" pipe sizes, with 8" - 30" grates in styles meeting most design requirements. The most recent announcement of curb inlets drain basins has added yet another dimension in the conversion from concrete structures to a more cost competitive alternative.

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. is the world's largest producer of corrugated high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and related drainage products. Founded in 1966, ADS grew rapidly by providing a durable yet economical solution to agricultural drainage problems, making clay tile virtually obsolete. Over the next two decades, new markets were added including residential drainage, on-site waste treatment, mining, forestry, turf/recreation, civil and DOT construction.

With the introduction of N-12 smooth interior corrugated pipe in 1987, ADS became a major supplier to the engineered construction market. The new product's strength, light weight and hydraulic efficiency provided a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe materials. Today, specifying agencies are replacing concrete and metal piping with polyethylene in municipal storm and sanitary sewers, waste disposal facilities, and highway drainage projects. The introduction of Nyloplast Inline Drains and Drain Basins complements the durability of ADS' products.

With the company's rapid growth has come a corresponding organizational commitment to customers and material specifiers. ADS operates 22 regional manufacturing plants and maintains product inventory and sales assistance at 30 Customer Service Centers across the country. The Company also delivers products through its relationship with over 4000 indepent distributors. ADS' corporate engineers have long served on industry technical committees and have spearheaded the development of national standards for material testing, product specifications, and installation practices.

A staff of 21 regional engineers, complementing a field of over 150 sales professionals, provides local technical and installation assistance to government agencies, private consultants, and contractors.

As the nation continues the enormous task of rebuilding yesterday's infrastructure, ADS helps streamline the process with an engineered, totally plastic drainage system that offers superior hydraulic performance, lower installation and maintenance costs, and significantly longer service life. The recent acquisition of Nylopolast only furthers the ADS commitment to providing the most technically advanced products for storm water management.

For more information on ADS products, contact your ADS Customer Service Center at 800- 821-6710 or visit ADS at