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ADS Turf and Recreation Products

Our nation’s increasing interest in outdoor sports and events brings with it a growing demand for healthy, durable natural turf surfaces. Engineered drainage systems play a key role in the long term "playability" of golf courses, athletic fields, parks and other recreational areas. For decades, ADS has been providing polyethylene drainage products to specifying engineers and turf contactors.

  • Nyloplast Drainage Structures
    Constructed from heavy duty PVC, Nyloplast structures are the exceptional choice over heavy and cumbersome concrete manholes and drain basins. Drain basins, curb inlets, and inline drains are all easily installed with minimum equipment and manpower. Capable of handling H-20 loads, Nyloplast structures provide a watertight seal with excellent economics.

  • ADS PolyFlex™
    ADS offers products for the Water Service, Agriculture, Landscape Irrigation and Potable Water Service Markets.

  • AdvanEdge®
    This panel-shaped, geo-composite pipe is designed for rapid drainage on playing fields, putting greens, and other moisture-sensitive areas. With twice the soil contact area of 4-inch round pipe, AdvanEDGE pipe will drain a given quantity of water in about 60% of the time. Its unique design allows it to be laid flat eliminating the need to dig a trench, or with its slim 1.5-inch profile fast installation is achieved in a narrow trench with common plow-in equipment.

    Offering a minimum recycled content of 40%, ADS MEGA GREEN HDPE pipe is the developer's and designer's choice for "green projects", helping you meet LEED requirements.

  • N-12®
    A smooth interior for rapid transfer of collected storm water combined with a corrugated exterior for structural strength, N-12 pipe has established itself as a preferred product for all types of athletic fields. It's superior hydraulics, light weight, and ease of installation makes is a preferred alternative to reinforced concrete, clay and corrugated metal pipe. Available in 4-60 inch diameters, and with both soil-tight and water-tight joints, N-12 pipe has the flow capacity and toughness to provide decades of trouble-free high volume, rapid water movement.

  • Single Wall
    Our corrugated single-wall pipe is offered in 3”-24” diameters, and in coils up to 500 feet for fast installation with fewer joints. This standard pipe is extremely light weight and flexible, making it an economical choice for turf drainage. Perforated styles are designed for subsurface water collection and leaching, while non-perforated pipe provides water movement form point to point.