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ADS Design Pro – Project Sharing

One of the key strengths in any design project is effective collaboration. With ADS Design Pro any user can share their projects with any other user without having to send them a link or an e-mail with a large attachment. Whether a user wants to share all of their projects with a small group or share a specific project with a specific person or group of people, Design Pro gives you that flexibility.

  • Default Shares: (figure 20.)
    If you desire to share all of your projects with say a Supervisor or Team Leader; this can be done by first clicking on the Account Info command from the "Project Management" page or while working on a project from inside the GUI. Keep in mind however if you are currently working on a project in the GUI, the program will ask you if you would like to save changes or exit without saving. Once the Account Info window appears click on the "Default Shares" tab and enter the e-mail address of a registered Design Pro User. When this user Logs into Design Pro, they will also see your project in their Project Management page.
figure 20.
  • Project Sharing: (figure 21.)
    A specific project can be shared with a specific user while you are working on a project inside the GUI. To do this click on Project Information icon from inside the GUI, and then the Project Sharing tab.
figure 19.

Entering the e-mail of a registered Design Pro user here will allow that user to see this specific project on their Project Management page when they log in.


If at any time the user may have a product related or Design Pro question, you may contact the program administrator by clicking on the Contact Us link inside the program. Lastly ADS hopes this software program aids you in designing your projects. If you should need more in-depth "Human Contact", please contact us through the Contact Us link or your local sales representative. ADS has a staff of engineers and drafters dedicated to providing personal support on your important project.