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ADS Design Pro – Project Management

The "Project Management" page is where the user manages and creates new projects.

  • "Home" – will take you to the ADS website
  • "ADS Tools Home" – will take you to the Project Management page.
  • "Account Info" – will allow the user to edit account information. In order to promote project collaboration, in Account Information will be a tab titled "Default Shares." One can enter the e-mail address of registered users here so that your projects may be shared with these users.

Starting a New Project.

Start a new project by first selecting "New" from the Dash Board

This will bring up the Create Project Dialog box containing tabs titled General, System, and Backfill (figure 3.):

figure 3.
  • The General tab (figure 4.) – contains basic project information and will be included on the cover page of the project submittal package once you are done using the design aid.
  • The System tab – is where one will enter the design constraints such as required storage volume, available foot print, system configuration, joint and pipe type, etc.
  • The Backfill tab – contains a schematic of a typical system cross-section and allows one to enter fill height information as well as stone porosity and, if desired, additional stone storage under the pipe system.
figure 4.