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ADS Design Pro – Project Information Window

The Project Information command will open the window below. In this window the user will find several tabs where information may be changed or added depending on the requirements of the project.

  • General: (figure 15.)
    Basic project information may be changed here and will be reflected in the final submittal package.
figure 15.
  • System: (figure 16.)
    The system tab will allow the user to review their input information. Modifications can not be made on this tab because that may require a complete system redesign and would affect the work previously done to the layout in the GUI. If it is desired to change the volume, footprint or outlet location, it is recommended that the user simply begin a new project.
figure 16.
  • Backfill: (figure 17.)
    The backfill tab will allow the user to review input information. As stated previously, changes at this point, once the GUI has rendered a specific pipe layout, are not allowed. If it is desired to make changes, it is recommended that the user simply begin a new project.
figure 17.
  • Calculations: (figure 18.)
    The calculations tab will allow the user to review the basic system information, such as Product Volume, Stone Volume, ASV Volume, Total Volume, Lateral Length, # of Laterals, System width and length, Estimated Excavated Footprint, Disturbed Surface Area, and finally estimated Excavation and Backfill
figure 18.
  • Bill of Materials: (figure 19.)
    On this tab the user can review the materials list as well as edit the "Notes" of any of the existing parts. If the user is aware of other products that need to be added to the project that the program did not already include, they may add other products by clicking on the "Add Custom BOM".
figure 19.