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ADS Design Pro – Generate

Once the user has filled in the applicable information on all three tabs on the Create Project window, the user may now scroll down to the generation table (figure 7.). In this table the user will find possible systems that fit the criterion of their proposed system. The user should briefly review the table information then click the Generate button next to the system they wish to generate.

figure 7.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Once the user has clicked the Generate button next to the desired system, the program will generate the desired pipe layout in the GUI (figure 8.). This may take a moment depending on the size of the system desired and your internet connection.

figure 8.

The GUI allows the user to add to and manipulate the pipe layout. With in the GUI the user has several commands which will be described and defined in more detail in the next section.

The program is governed by several pre-defined rules which will not allow certain situations or system manipulations to take place. Instances such as an interference issue with a riser and a stub are not allowed. In situation such as this the program will simply not allow the user to complete the action.