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ADS Design Pro – Adjusting Riser and Stub Placement

Risers and Stubs can be added to any pipe or manifold fitting in the GUI as discussed in the command buttons section. Once these components have been added, the user may adjust or fine tune their location. To do this, simply double click on the part to bring up the Detail View window. The Detail View window will have tabs, as illustrated below. These tabs will allow the user to manual move the location of the riser or stub. Notice that in one example the riser is highlighted as red (figure 13.) and in the other the stub is highlighted (figure 14.). This indicates to the user the component that corresponds to the active tab.

figure 13.
figure 14.

Notice in the detail view (figure 14.) for adjusting the stub elevation the "Match Crown" option is grayed out. This is because if the user were to choose this option there would be interference between the riser and the stub. This is an example of the program using pre-set rules to limit the user's ability to do things which would be inappropriate. One can also manually choose the elevation of the stub relative to the outlet elevation and the pipe slope previously chosen under the Create Project window.