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ADS Leach Field Corrugated Pipe

Single wall

The single wall corrugated pipe and gravel system is one of many leaching system options designed and sold by Advanced Drainage Systems. While newer, more advanced alternatives to this traditional gravel absorption system are offered, many prefer its tried and true reliability and reputation.

Our single wall HDPE pipe is specially designed and perforated to be the perfect component for pipe–and–gravel leaching field systems. Light weight and chemically resistant, this pipe has set the standard since 1967. It is supplied in 10–foot lengths with an integral bell and spigot, and remains the preferred high–density polyethylene product in gravel absorption systems.

In this conventional gravel absorption system, an area of gravel and natural voids surrounds the ADS corrugated pipe, providing storage for effluent. The gravel does not digest or eliminate the waste; instead, it causes “masking” which blocks some effluent from leaching directly into the soil.

How Does ADS Singlewall Corrugated Pipe System Work?

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